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FBI Moneypak Scam

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There a scam going around just wanted to let people no about , Its not to hard to get rid of the fastest way is to go to safe mod on your computer an restore to a earlier save point here's a pic of it just remember this is a scam. There are a few web site out there that can walk you though it. Hope this helps Posted Image




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LMAO, how do people fall for this rubbish!!!

There was one like this going around Germany and the UK a while ago. Seriously do people think they can just bribe the FBI, police of whatever? You must be stupid to think this is real. I suppose if maybe only 1 in 100 believe it they will still be making a lot of money.



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I hate to be an ass on matters like this, and even though I may feel bad for someone who doesn't really understand how the Internets works, almost everyone who falls for this deserves to lose a hundred bucks.

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